Every freelancer should have an EIN

Are you a freelancer? Do you have an EIN?  WHAT?!?!? You don’t? You should!  Seriously, run, do not walk, to the IRS website and ask for one, right this very moment.

Why is having an Employer Identification Number (EIN) so important to me?

Identity Theft.

Social Security numbers are used for almost everything these days; including IRS paperwork when hired as an employee or an independent contractor.  When you are working as an employee you have to give up your social (at least if you want to work there), but when you are freelancing (self-employed) you will have to provide a social security number to many companies/individuals with whom you chose to enter into a contract. The IRS considers you as either a business or a hobby, and if you have not incorporated then you are by default a sole proprietor.  The IRS allows sole proprietors AND corporations to ask for and receive an EIN completely free of charge. So, get one!

This protects your identity (credit) from unscrupulous people with whom you might do business (sometimes you don’t know until too late), plus what if that business suffers a break-in and your personnel file is compromised? The thief now has everything needed to steal your identity. How many major corporations get their computer systems hacked or they lose a laptop with sensitive personal information stored on the hard-drive?

Finally, if you contract with company A and then subcontract; and the contractor makes more than $600 in a year, you are required to provide them with a 1099.  What will the 1099 have on it? Your social security numbers as the company and the contractor’s as well, the contractor.  If you have an EIN, then the 1099 will have your EIN instead of your social.

Anyway you slice it; EINs are easy to get, free, and they help protect your identity.

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Do you have an EIN for your freelance business?

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